Custom songwriting for any occasion

What is it?

You’ve heard of couples connecting to a song from the radio and calling it “their song” as it reminds them of a defining moment when they fell in love. But just think how many other couples are calling that popular love song “their song” too.

Now imagine if you could have a song that was uniquely tailored to your relationship; lyrics, chords, style and all. An original song made just for your love that you can truly call your own until the end of time.

This is where T-Wom’ comes in! With over 20 years of songwriting experience she can give you something the radio will never give you, a song you can truly call your own.

Who is it for?

You can have a custom song written for so many occasions. Surprise a loved with a unique and magical gift they won’t see coming for your wedding or anniversary. Or maybe it’s a milestone birthday. Maybe you just want to fulfill that fantasy of having your own soundtrack. Here’s a list of some of the reasons/people who may want a custom song:

Live streamer
Baby/Bridal Shower
Sporting event
School pep rally
Company branding
Corporate event
Personal branding
“In memory of”
Happy you survived that life threatening event

The list goes on of ways you can use a custom song. The emotional impact of having a song written just for you will be ever lasting.

How it Works

  1. T-Wom’ will chat with you to get a vibe of the unique message, feel and essence for your song.
  2. Let the games begin! T-Wom’ will write the lyrics and melody for your song.
  3. You will listen, review the lyrics over email and after getting your approval, onto the next step.
  4. Your song will be recorded, edited, mixed and mastered in a professional recording studio with professional musicians.
  5. You get an MP3 of your song and an engraved plaque of the lyrics if you choose.
  6. If you want to take it to the next level, T-Wom’ will perform the song LIVE for you at the event of your choosing.
  7. SHOW OFF your song to your lover, family, friends, the world at large and basque in the glow of success!!

Love song examples

“Your Fool”
“Protons and Electrons”

Now just imagine a song made especially for you!

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Investment options:
High end, radio quality custom song – $7,000

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Payment Plan (6 month installments of $1,166.67)



LIVE performance of your custom song – $1000

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Custom music video slideshow with your videos and pictures – $1,500

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Engraved Lyric Plaque – $500

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