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TWom Android App

Download here. Get updates on shows and new releases. This is the beta app and written by TWom herself, stay tuned for updates and the iPhone version.

Looking for Social Media?

Note from TWom:

On February 1st 2021 I deleted my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. It was not a decision I came to lightly as they are more or less considered to be a necessary standard for professional musicians. After over a decade of using these sites solely for the purpose of engaging with current and potential fans, I had to have an honest conversation about the impact, costs and benefits of using social media.

The truth I came to is that using social media is not good for my mental health and required me to spend large amounts of my time creating content for the wrong reasons and for zero pay. The expected norm of artists to create endless content for the sake of “promotion” is just another facet of the paradigm that musicians and other artists should starve and not be paid for their work.

I work to promote the idea of aligning your life choices with your values and heart. I felt I had to walk the talk. In my heart I had no desire to be on these social media channels. Now more than ever as I see a company such as Facebook put profits before humanity, I know I cannot participate any longer.

I am exploring my own ways of communicating with those that like my music. Such as the beta TWom App (just android for now) and experimenting with doing shows in virtual reality. I occasionally live stream myself gaming or play a show on Twitch and am still using Youtube to post new music videos.

If there is one thing that life has taught me, it’s if you don’t follow your heart you may end up somewhere you don’t like. So instead of using these major social media sites out of fear of not being taken seriously as musician by some. I will find my own way and use other tried and true methods of reaching others with music so as to end up in a place that I like.

Anybody who doesn’t think I’m worth their time because I’m not using these sites probably isn’t a good fit to work with anyway. So it’s all good. šŸ™‚

Here are the final screenshots of the pages before I deleted. Thanks to everybody who chatted, supported, listened or engaged on these sites when I was using them!

R.I.P Facebook, Twitter, Instagram